Bike shown above with Medium size Palmer Products Screen

(with optional 'eye-brow' decals)

Screen Adapter Kit

Shown above (standard screen mounted) with optional tool-less adjusters and black powder-coating.

This kitis a totally unique and designed to accomodate the Triumph Tiger's screen to improve the bikes cruising and touring ability - kit does not include the screen.

The Kit re-positions the screen with multi adjustment to provide significantly improved wind and weather protection - this unique Kit has now become extremely popular amongst the Adventure Rider community all around the world!! 

The advantages of the system also include:

* Compact, discreet, light-weight design.

* Kit comes with Preassemble parts.

* 9 indexed positions (height and tilt angles) - this allows you to return to a preferred position depending on conditions.

* Increases the screen height up to approximately 200mm

* BMW 1200GS type forward postioning of the screen - this is the key to optimise screen performance.

* This forward positioning also provides essential airflow to prevent visor misting and fogging.

* Top grade Laser-Cut Stainless Steel brackets and Stainless Steel fasteners.

* Needs no modifications to the bike.

* Kit comes complete with all hardware necessary.

* Allows easy removal of the screen when necessary.

* Allows cleaning access behind the screen without removal.

* Can be fitted in approximately 20 - 30 minutes.

* On-line step-by-step detailed digital photo instructions.

* Tool-less adjusters available as an option for faster screen adjustments.

Allen Keys included.

Large screen with brace kit

A Brace Kit is also available for extra security and recommended for the Triumph Touring screen - this will require a 6mm hole to be drilled in each inner cowl panel (see picture below).

We also produce our own Three Screen Designs which are available in Small, Medium and Large sizes - see UNIVERSAL Parts Section - you need to specify this when ordering your kit  because it requires different screen-side brackets (included in the price).

Our Large Screen is recommended for riders of around 6' plus.



Accessory Bar

This Accessory Bar is designed to fit onto the Windshield Adapter Kit and can easily be retro-fitted at a later date.

It allows you to position your GPS/Phone/Accessory in the ideal position with minimum distraction from your view ahead.

Made from 1/2" or 3/4" Diameter Stainless Steel and suitable for tool-less adjusters or standard.

Recommended for use in conjunction with the Screen Adapter Brace Kit.

Also available in a Black Powder-Coated finish.


Screen Baffle

The forward positioning of the screen is intended to help relieve air pressure built-up in front of it. This means that some air does flow up between the screen and the cowl. In the colder months, this air may be unwanted so the screen baffle eliminates this and also offers additional protection from rain/snow, etc.

The baffle is designed to rotate to any position you require and can also help fine-tune the elimination of turbulence and wind noise.

There is a slight increase in turbulence behind the screen at higher speeds with the gap totally blanked off.

Made from Stainless Steel and available in either brushed-finish or Black Powder-Coated.

Two versions are available depending on which screen you have - one of ours or a Triumph item.




Cross Bar

This Cross Bar is ideal for mounting various accessories.


Made from 1/2" aluminium with a Black Powder-Coated finish.


Quick and simple to install and comes with stainless Steel hardware and rubber-lined P-Clips to prevent handle-bar damage.


Dimensions are 300mm between hole centres.






Auxillary Lighting Kit

This innovative kit, previously unavailable, will now give riders the opportunity to fit a wide and varied selection of auxillary lighting, from Projector-style to larger Spot & Fog lamps.

Being able to mount your lights on the forks also gives the ability to aim your lights in any direction whilst stationary - a major bonus when riding off-road or picking your way through difficult terrain.

Made from Stainless Steel, this robust set-up requires no modifications to the bike and does not interfere with any components or operation.

Also has rubber-lined mounts to protect the forks' finish.

Has 2 hole positions each side to adjust the width of the lights and includes plastic spacers for using M6 bolts ilo M8.


Compact 4" 55W Spot Lights and *electrical kit are optional extras.


*Electrical installation Kit comprises: basic schematic, relay, fuse & holder, connectiors, wire, cable-ties.

Please note that some basic knowledge of electrical installation is required (for practical and safety reasons) as this is a kit of parts and not a loom. You will also need cutters and crimps (or suitable tools) to complete the installaion.

Gear Shifter Upgrade

One of the most common complaints about the Tiger 1050 are regarding the gear change - changes can feel vague and notchy.

Mis-shifting and issues finding neutral are typical.

This unique Gear Lever helps transform the gear selection by providing another link arm position to give a shorter, more positive action from the Lever Peg - i.e smaller foot inputs are required.

The Lever also provides a further hole position for riders with larger feet, giving much needed feel to the assembly.

The Lever Peg is also larger in diameter and longer (approx 60mm x 20 dia) - giving much better feel and comfort (available in grooved Plastic, knurled aluminium or Stainless Steel).

Designed to bend in the event of a spill (unlike the brittle standard cast part) and the plastic peg option will snap to limit damage - usefull upgrade for off-roading.

Made from precision Laser-Cut 4mm thick Stainless Steel and available in standard (up to 18mm longer peg position than standard) or Large (36mm longer peg position).

The optional Stainless Linkage kit consists of heavy-duty rod-ends (with rubber joint seals) and stainless-steel hardware for durable and long-life smooth operation.


Fuel Filler Cap Decal

Add that personal touch to your bike with one of these superb quality filler-cap 3-piece decals.

Made from high quality CNC-cut Aluminium, the graphics are etched into the material during the anodising process - this makes them resistant to corossion, chemicals and heat.

Easily applied using a special foil-backed adhesive.

Please do not mistake these for much lesser quality plastic items.



Side Stand Foot Extension

This is a HEAVY DUTY Side Stand Foot Extension, measuring 95 x 78mm overall, significantly improves the foot's surface area to provide a much more secure footing for your bike especially on softer or infirm ground - does not interfere with the bike's operation.

Now available with a Tiger Foot-print Design.

No modification to the bike is required and fitted in minutes.

This robust design is made from Stainless-Steel top & bottom plates, plus Stainless Fasteners and comes with Alloy Centre-Spacer and an Allen Key.


Handguard Extensions

These Hand Guard Extensions are a simple but effective way of improving the hand protection of the Triumph 'guards.

Made from a 2mm thick semi-rigid Black Polyurethane, they are effective, durable and descreet.

Takes about 20 minutes to fit and requires 3 holes to be drilled in each Hand-Guard.

Can increase the Hand-Guard height up to 40mm.

Kit comes with Stainless-Steel hardware - 4mm drill bit available seperately if required - see ACCESSORIES section.



Rear Caliper Guard

The rear caliper is mounted in an extremely vulnerable position and exposed to stones, mud, grit, etc..........


This unique Caliper Guard gives much needed extra protection and also limits the amount of mud/grit getting into the caliper and pads. It also protects the ABS sensor and wiring.

Made from 1.2mm Stainless Steel and comes with new Stainless Steel hardware.

It is a bolt-on item and fitted in minutes - suitable for ABS and non-ABS derivatives.


Optional Black Powder-Coating available.