Kent SERV Blood-Runners project bike

The start of 2013 saw a great opportnity to work with one of the riders from the Kent SERV Blood-Runners. The recent addition of a Husqvarna Nuda to the SERV fleet may seem like an unusual choice but having spent the last 5 months developing parts on our own Nuda, we think it's an inspired choice. The bike is a superb all-rounder and particularly good at navigating London and town/city traffic. SERV riders clock-up high mileages so getting the chance to update their bike with our adjustable windshield system would help ease the strain on those longer journeys and add some much needed wind and weather protection for the rider, especially during the winter months.

SERV provide a critical voluntary service all year round so we are honoured that they wanted to work with us on their bike. The bike was kitted out by the donating Husqvarna dealer (Freestyle) and we helped apply the finishing touches to make it a complete all-rounder. We supplied and fitted our windshield kit with all the necessatry SERV decals plus a special set of reflective screen 'eye-brows' to help the bike be seen as well as heard!


Check out their website HERE and watch out for them at many of the bike shows around the country.

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